Truk Lagoon Dive Center at the Truk Stop Hotel

Shark Diving in Truk Lagoon

You can see sharks on many of our wrecks on any given day in fact, the Shinkoku Maru has what we call "a resident shark" that can be seen on most dives. But, Shark Island just a 15-minute boat ride from the Truk Stop private dock, is the best shark dive in Chuuk.

A dive at Shark Island puts the diver in about 18 meters of water up close and personal with some dozen or so sharks. This area is actually a cleaning station for sharks and a great dive to watch the activity and behavior of sharks during this process.

Following is a personal account by a diver who visited Shark Island .

When I visited Truk Lagoon, locally known as Chuuk, I was amazed with the great visibility during all my wreck dives. However, after a few days of hard wreck diving I was, well - wrecked. I asked the dive shop guides if there were any sites where I could encounter some sharks.

I was told that there was a small island about 15 minutes away called Shark Island but divers hardly go there. I made arrangements to visit this Shark Island the next afternoon, after returning to the hotel from the morning wreck dives.

School of dolphins in Truk LagoonThe next day, after our morning dives and a great lunch, we went off to explore this rarely visited place. As soon I entered the crystal clear water I saw lots of reef sharks cruising over spectacular hard coal formations. I finally settled on the sandy bottom at about 18 meters, next to a small coral outcrop and to my great joy and amazement, black tip and grey reef sharks kept circling this particular coral formation posing right in front of me.

It was at this time that I realized that this was actually a cleaning station and the actions and activities of these sharks were a natural occurrence. I just couldn't believe it. Here I was at 18 meters with fantastic visibility, breathing nitrox on my last dive of the day surrounded by sharks. a haven for under water photographers.

About an hour later and back on the boat I said to my dive buddies and guides "lets do this again tomorrow for our 3 rd dive of the day, after our deeper morning dives on the wrecks.smiling faces and we all agreed.

Shark Island is one of the easiest and coolest dives I have ever done. There was no feeding the sharks, just observing them in their natural habitat - I call it "nature at its best".

So if you find yourself diving the Truk Lagoon one day, ask your guides at the Truk Lagoon Dive Center to take you for a dive or two at this truly amazing place.


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